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Terms and Conditions:


Deposit: If Drone it invoices a deposit , it must be paid within the specified payment term  to be satisfied. Drone it will not carry out any work if the deposit is not received. 

Prices: Unless expressly stated otherwise on the order confirmation or quotation, all prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT.


Although Drone it will do everything in its power to fulfill the recordings to your liking, it is possible that it is not possible to fly due to (weather) influences. The drone operator will discuss this with you as soon as possible to move the appointment or change the plans.


Complaints : At the time of delivery, the client will check whether the end product meets his wishes. If this is not the case, the client must inform Drone it by e-mail within 10 days after delivery.  

Complaints submitted at any time do not suspend the payment obligation.

Copyright:  Drone it is creator and therefore has the copyright to the created material or video product. These rights are not transferred. We do, however, grant our client a license to display the delivered end product anywhere and everywhere. The client may not reuse or resell the end product or parts thereof without permission. Ideas, concepts and formats discussed in advance also fall under the copyright of Drone it.

Raw material: We do not hand over raw material and remain the property of Drone it , unless other arrangements have been made in writing in advance. 

PromotionDrone it reserves the right to use images taken for promotional purposes.


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